The guide to playing winning betting systems on the best sites

On this page you will find out what betting systems are and how to play them best.It is about a type of bet proposed by all online bookmakers, which involves playing with each other, in all possible combinations, the events you want to include in the ticket. 最佳在线赌场 At first glance it may seem complicated: in this guide you will know that playing betting systems is not difficult. 711 casino

What are sports betting systems?

Image result for betting systemsThe type of bet defined as a system consists of a ticket in which the number of predictions to be guessed is played in all possible combinations. For example, if you enter three events, you will play three multiples and one triple, if you enter four events, you will play six doubles, four triples and one quadruple, and so on. It is very popular with more experienced bettors, because it allows you to have an economic return even if one or more predictions are wrong.

The more games entered, the more combinations and amount of the bet increase: for each one there is a stake to be placed. Too complicated? Don’t worry: here is a full review for each system. There are in fact different types of sports betting systems, depending on the number of events. Trixie, Yankee, Super Yankee, Heinz, Super Heinz, Goliath, Lucky, Patent and Alphabet: you just have to choose how many events to guess and click on the relative guide.

The limits: the minimum bet and the maximum payout of the systems

The betting limits have been established by the Customs and Monopoly Administration and are valid for all bookmakers who operate legally in Italy. Unlike other countries, where each bookmaker can choose which limitations to impose on their customers, in our State the minimum betting limits are set at 2 euros for all types of play and the maximum winning limits for each system have been set at 50,000. euro, therefore five times those valid for single and multiple.

Betting system and football: the best match

Image result for betting systemsIn football, a result can hardly be considered safe. Consequently, the odds are generally higher than in other sports, and so are the multipliers formed by doubles and triples, which is the backbone of betting systems. The sport of Messi and Ronaldo is perfect for this type of bet, and the best football betting system will guarantee a fair balance between events on the ticket and odds.

Other sports to play in this mode

Systems, football, betting: not the only possible combination. All sports offered by bookmakers can be placed in combination bets. Indeed, it is even possible to play many different sports in a single ticket. However, many disciplines do not have such high odds as football matches, because for example they do not involve a draw and offer only two possible results.

Interesting prospects for winning are also possible in sports such as tennis. In fact, the favorite tennis players tend to win: by placing a rich system with only players who start with the favors of the prediction, it is difficult for more than one or two of them to be defeated. The same discourse is easily applicable to basketball and offers the possibility, with a little luck, to collect large earnings with little risk.